Journey Groups

Journey Groups

We were made for friendship. We don’t want people to just go to church together. We want people to be friends with one another in our church.

At New Journey we connect through small groups that we call Journey Groups. Instead of Sunday School, we meet in homes to share a meal, discuss the scriptures, and form friendships.

Our hope is that through Journey Groups people will meet people with whom they can share life and live life on mission with Jesus together.

Journey Groups meet most Sunday nights throughout the year. Usually groups follow the school semester calendar to determine when to meet.
Forming Missional Communities
Not only do our Journey Groups meet in homes, but they take ownership of being agents of good and the Gospel in the neighborhood in which they meet. We call this being a missional community. Nothing bonds people together like serving others in Jesus’ name together.

Spring 2019
KICK-OFF DATE: January 20th, 2019
Group 1
Leader: Kevin Edge
Host: Kevin & Angie Edge
Address: 3123 New Hope Road, Columbus, MS 39702
Material: Sermon-Based

Group 2
Leader: Neil Shepherd
Host: TJ & Teresa Garrett
Address: 3352 Yorkville Road, Columbus, MS, 39702
Material: Sermon-Based

Leader: Josh Ward
Host: Chris & Catie Schoenig
Address: 4100 Mississippi Avenue, CAFB, Columbus, MS 39705
Material: Sermon-Based

Group 4
Leader: Keith Hicks
Host: Keith & Alison Hicks
Address: 260 Odam Road, Steens, MS 39766
Material: Sermon-Based